Generating more than
$1 Billion
in attributable sales.

We’ve helped our partners (and our brands) earn over $1 Billion in sales. And that means true, traceable sales — not just pipeline. Check out this article that explains our attributable sales.


Total campaigns sent for partners


Dollars generated in attributable sales revenue

Maximize impact

Partner databases engage far better than any other digital marketing channel

Measurable sales

Capture actual sales receipts and track campaign influence with end-to-end visibility

Generate loyalty

Better your competition by delivering valuable content, each and every month.

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for brands

Maximize reach with a program that boasts 10x more participation than any other.

Utilize your partners’ networks to achieve the best possible return on marketing spend.

Pay only when campaigns are sent and sales results are achieved – no retainers or license fees.

Benefits for
channel partners

Build customer relationships and generate valuable new business in just 5 minutes a month.

Program costs subsidized by your favorite brands.

Put your logo alongside the highest quality thought leadership content.

Industries we specialize in

Information Technology

Insurance and Financial

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