A Vision Based on Trust: Our New Brand Update, Explained

OneAffiniti recently unveiled a major brand update focused on the convergence of the three distinct groups it serves: vendors, partners and end-users. I recently sat down with CEO Joel Montgomery to discuss what inspired the new approach and what changes are in store as a result.

How has marketing changed in recent years? How has it forced marketers to change their approach?

The good old days of being able to sit back on the train or the plane and just switch off are gone. People these days have very little time. Everybody’s very busy and very distracted.

It’s a challenge that we face every day at OneAffiniti when dealing with partners and vendors.

How do we get their time? How do we get them on the phone to review their marketing performance? How do we get a partner to take 20 minutes to listen to our pitch? How do we get them to find the time to create a list and upload? It impacts everything we do here.

But it isn’t just a OneAffiniti challenge, it’s a challenge that every marketer faces.

So what’s your response to that challenge?

The good news is that we believe the solution is refreshingly simple. Success relies on the old adage that we do business with those we trust. So our purpose as a company is to elevate trust.

When trust is elevated, communication becomes easy, instant and effective. Simply put, trust drives action.

We’re not in the business of sending emails or posting messages on social media. That is merely an outcome of the reason we exist: to elevate trust.

I’m guessing earning trust is easier said than done?

It’s tough. It’s a very difficult purpose to achieve. If you read the research on what it takes to earn trust, you’ll start learning in some cases that it’s easier to be loved than to be trusted. At a brand level, you may love your iPhone, but you may not trust that Apple’s got your back.

In our industry, though, establishing trust with stakeholders is not an option, it’s an absolute necessity. Achieving trust is what leads stakeholders to hand over their most valuable assets to us. The most valuable asset for partners is their customer list, which they must trust that we will guard as jealously as they do. For end-users, the most valuable asset is their time, which we hope they will spend more of getting to know our partners’ products.

How is the trust-based approach reflected in your products?

We’ve rolled out a number of new products in 2018 to facilitate closer collaboration and trust with partners and end-users. Social media is increasingly the place where people –– including the IT buyers we’re helping partners target –– form long-lasting personal and professional relationships. That’s why, going forward, social media marketing will be a part of our base offering.

Notably, we’ve leveraged the power of LinkedIn on behalf of partners by setting up a social plugin that allows us to post updates on their behalf. We’ve also introduced the Digital Lead Hub, where we can assist partners at nurturing engaged contacts and converting them into meeting-ready leads.

Finally, to help our partners understand the value of their collaboration with us, we are providing regular campaign summaries with key performance data. These metrics not only allow partners to hold us accountable for our performance, but they provide insights into what’s working well and what’s not. That shared knowledge facilitates trust and allows all of us to become better at what we do.


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