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Unleash the true potential of channel partners

Tier 2 channel partners have highly engaged customers, but limited marketing resource. We help partners drive sales through marketing, with minimal effort.

Apathy. That’s the marketing challenge when it comes to channel partners. We make it easy to engage tier 2 partners, by driving valuable sales, with minimal effort.

Marketing that partners engage with

We’ve made it easy for partners to make the most of our program. They can set up and send a campaign in just 5 minutes. As a result, our partner participation rates are over 70%.

Measurable results. Valuable insights.

Make reporting easy. We demonstrate return on channel marketing investment, by showing the partner sales figures it generates. Detailed marketing metrics also help you plan future activity.

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Here’s how it works

You control the message

Stay in complete control of your messages, with content, promotions and products presented to the end user just the way you want.

Engaging customers with localized content

Every month, your content is packaged in a campaign, localized, and customized for your channel partners, before being delivered. We make engagement with customers, subscribers and followers, as simple as hitting ‘send’.

Optimized for lead generation

Using the latest marketing technology, and digital marketing expertise, we uncover new opportunities and nurture leads. It’s part of our commitment to creating cut-through with our content, and helping you make the most of your partner relationships.

Content for your industry

With experience across a wide range of industries, and access to the latest engagement statistics, our content specialists know what will resonate with your customers, and drive sales.

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