Scalable through-channel marketing programs, amplifying growth for brands & partners

Unparalleled participation, measurable results

Our unique combination of technology, people, data and services drive more than 80% monthly partner participation and 22:1 ROI on attributable sales. This also enables us to provide valuable end-user and partner insights to you.

Creating demand through partners

Integrated digital campaigns with a blend of thought leadership content, your brand’s product and service content, and industry content sent on the partner’s behalf, to their valued clients. With the OneAffiniti marketing program, you can amplify your channel marketing program to reach the prospects who are already connected with your mid-market and SMB partners, every month.

Your brand message, woven into their story

Products get maximum impact alongside high quality, industry content that we create and customize for each partner segment. We segment content by industry and create it based on data and insights from thousands of campaigns. Partners can also add their own unique content using a simple drag and drop.

Each and every month

Our campaigns go out like clockwork every month. That means your products, services, and messages are in front of end-users consistently, and your ROI will steadily increase. Just let us know which products to feature, and if you have any relevant campaigns we should be pushing, and we’ll make sure your partners send it.

Minimum time investment, maximum profitability

Most partners spend less than five minutes per month to review and approve the campaign. That means they’re spending more time making sales and supporting their customers.

Don’t just take our word for it; hear directly from our clients.

Most channel marketing programs are significantly under-utilized. Our program, which boasts an 80% engagement rate, is well-received and well-used by both brands and partners alike.

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