Unleash the true potential of Tier 2 channel partners

Tier 2 is an untapped opportunity

Tier 2 channel partners have highly engaged databases, but limited marketing resource. Our platform-enabled channel marketing solution helps you market to their customers and prospects, each and every month.

Don’t just take our word for it; hear directly from our clients.

Most channel marketing programs are significantly under-utilized. Our program, which boasts a 70% engagement rate, is well-received and well-used by both brands and partners alike.

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We do all the work

Consider us an extension of your marketing team. We have years of experience in IT vendor marketing so we know what you need.

Measurable sales results

We collect actual sales receipts and attribute them to your campaigns to give you end-to-end marketing insights and proof of performance.

Our clients include

Creating demand “through” partners

Integrated digital campaigns with a blend of content from vendor, partner and industry sent on your partner’s behalf, to their valued clients.

Each and every month

Our campaigns go out like clockwork every month. We believe it takes six consecutive months to maximize ROI.

Your message, woven into their story

Your products get maximum impact alongside high quality, industry content that we create and customize for each partner segment.

Hands-off for the partner

Most partners spend less than five minutes per month to review and approve the campaign.

An extension of your channel marketing team

Our Austin and Sydney-based teams build on-going working relationships with your partners so they trust us with their most important assets.

David DelBene


We customize the program to your partner’s customer segment focus

Candice Cummings


We encourage partners to approve the campaigns each and every month

Matthew Sanchez


We follow-up leads and provide regular advice to improve campaign engagement

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