Employee Purchase Program

Join the Employee Purchase Program sponsored by the world’s leading tech vendors and give your employees exclusive access to deals across a range of laptops, desktops and other IT products. We create your personalised campaign end-to-end and include the top deals of the month, all you have to do is participate.

Access to great employee discounts

Stay in-the-know and gain access to the best employee discounts on the market across a wide range of branded products each month. Lowest prices guaranteed.

Continued IT offers to your employees

Our program is continuous, so we ensure that your employees continue to get the best offers through our specialised technology, trusted advice and customer responsiveness.

Zero cost to you

You don’t pay a thing to be part of this exclusive and all-inclusive program that strives to deliver competitive discounts to your employees.

Just one-click!

It only takes 5 minutes per month to approve and send your professionally designed campaigns.

Control over your data

We take your privacy and security seriously, so under the program, you have complete ownership and control of your employee data.

Interested in getting exclusive product offers?

Leave your details with us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible:



FAQ Centre

Everything you need to know about providing benefits and discounts to your employees and understanding your legal and privacy obligations.

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