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Fully-integrated digital campaigns usually only made possible by the largest marketing teams.

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Professionally-written thought leadership articles, e-books and infographics prepared for you every month.

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Campaigns are subsidized by your favorite brands in exchange for your loyalty.

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My clients love my OneAffiniti newsletter, it's professional and has great informative content!
Norm Herron
Norm H.
13:18 10 Mar 20
Awesome service and products; consistent, thorough, and generally passionate about their clients.
Tyler Scafidi
Tyler S.
11:10 09 Mar 20
Awesome lead generator
Jason Spence
Jason S.
05:59 09 Mar 20
We've really enjoyed working with OneAffiniti. The content is relevant and getting our newsletters published is simple and easy.
Chelsea Skinner
Chelsea S.
20:43 04 Mar 20
Great people content and company. They get the job done!
18:18 04 Mar 20
excellent partner for newsletters
Stephen F
Stephen F
17:50 04 Mar 20
OneAffiniti campaigns have been effective in reaching out to our customers and prospects with interesting content to generate new sales opportunities. They do a great job of designing high quality content that is interesting to our audience. I recommend OneAffiniti to any business determined to get market presences and traction.
Miguel Ribeiro
Miguel R.
10:46 04 Mar 20
In person I have not met OneAffinti personnel I speak with but they are very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and generally respond promptly to my Email phone calls. I would highly recommend them as news letter publisher.
kash mahna
kash M.
22:19 28 Feb 20
One Affiniti does a great job... For effective follow-up and always professional and useful content. I'd recommend to any business trying to get market presences and traction.
T Howard
T H.
23:02 27 Feb 20
This company really knows what they are doing. They are very knowledgeable as well as kind, courteous and polite. Aimee, Jennine and James have all been just great
NerdService Net
NerdService N.
16:55 26 Feb 20

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Leverage your entire network

We’ll help you make the most of your audience. Securely upload details of your subscribers and social followers to our platform and cleverly target them with marketing campaigns, newsletters and social posts.

Personalized, professional content

We create powerful, up-to-date content specific to the industry you work in, or you can choose evergreen content from our content library. All content can be customized to appear as your own.

Track your results in real time

Comprehensive online campaign reporting offers valuable insights into who’s engaging with your content and who’s ready to buy.

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