Employee Purchase Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my organisation eligible for the Employee Purchase Program?

Our Sponsors have identified your organisation as a valued client and would like to offer its employees the opportunity to receive benefits and discounts on a wide range of branded IT products every month.

What is a Sponsor?

A ‘Sponsor’ is the company(ies) who fund the Employee Purchase Program and offer the benefits and discounts to your organisation and its employees.

Who is OneAffiniti?

OneAffiniti is the agency engaged by Sponsors to run the Employee Purchase Program for their partnering organisations. We help facilitate the communication of benefits and offers to employees on behalf of their organisations.

What is Employee Purchase Plus?

Employe Purchase Plus enables employers to automate the communication of benefits and discounts by utilising the OneAffiniti platform to distribute monthly offers to employees on behalf of the organisation. Some of the benefits include:

  • Continuity of IT offers to employees
  • Regular communication and notification of the latest IT offers
  • Zero costs
  • Exclusive Employee Purchase Plus member only offers
  • Control over employee participants
  • Easy to approve (only takes up to 5 minutes per month)
  • Automated campaign management
  • List segmentation


To participate in the Employee Purchase Plus Program, you will need to register your organisation and subscribe your employees so they can receive monthly communications on deals and offers via our platform.

Please contact OneAffiniti at concierge@oneaffiniti.com if you would like to receive additional information on Employee Purchase Plus.

How do employees access the Employee Purchase Program?

If your organisation is participating in the Employee Purchase Plus Program, your employees will automatically have the offers communicated to them via a monthly eNewsletter which OneAffiiniti sends on behalf of the organisation.  Alternatively, a HR manager or other company appointed representative, may be directly sending employees a regular, ad hoc or one-off email which we have prepared for you.

Generally, your employees will need to opt-in to receive regular updates in the form of an eNewsletter to access the deals and discounts. Different Sponsors have different methods for giving eligible employees access to employee benefit offers. Specific instructions on how to access the deals and discounts are communicated to employees when they access the offer in the campaign.

Can employees claim the salary package with the Employee Purchase Program?

Unfortunately, no. The program is intended solely for the personal benefit of employees.  Therefore in order to qualify for the program, the purchases must be made personally by the employees.

Is there a tax liability for employers if we offer the Employee Purchase Program to our organisation?

No. The program is intended solely for the personal benefit of your employees. Tax is included in all the purchases made by employees.

Are the offers available to friends and family?

Yes, this offer is available to friends and family who opt-in to receive the Employee Benefits Program monthly newsletter.

Why do I need to share my employee email list with you?

If you elect to participate in the Employee Purchase Plus Program, OneAffiniti requires you to upload your employee subscriber list to our platform so that we can send the monthly employee benefits marketing material to your employees on your behalf. We are like any other third-party platform that requires the use of your data to provide a service (such as Xero for payroll or Salesforce for client relationship management). In this case, OneAffiniti requires your employee subscriber list to facilitate giving your employees timely access to discounts and benefits.

Can I add/remove employee email addresses from my subscriber list?

Yes, under the Employee Purchase Plus Program, you are in complete control of your employee subscriber list and you can add new employees or unsubscribe employees from receiving the employee benefits marketing material at any time. Your employees can also unsubscribe from receiving the marketing material by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the eNewsletter. The unsubscribe link lets OneAffiniti know that we need to take that employee off the mailing list, so they stop receiving the marketing material.


What happens to my employee subscriber list data if I opt-out of the program?

We handle personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy (available on our website) and the privacy provisions of our terms and conditions. If you have any concerns regarding the handling of your employee subscriber list or any associated personal information we collect during the course of providing the services, you may contact our Privacy Officer at privacy@oneaffiniti.com.

Do you share my employee subscriber list with sponsors?

A ‘sponsor’ is the company(ies) who fund the Employee Purchase Program and offer the benefits and discounts to your employees. We will not share your employee list with any sponsor(s) unless you have given us your express permission. In fact, you own the list. We only ask your permission to access and use your employee list to send benefits and discounts to your subscribed employees.

What information do you share with sponsors?

We do not give sponsors your employees’ email addresses or any personal information. The data we give sponsors are limited to aggregated and de-identified statistical, behavioural and performance-based data.

What information do you share with third parties?

We will never sell your employee list to third parties. We may sometimes need to share the subscriber list with our service providers. These service providers help us to operate and deliver our services. An example is our IT providers. They must not use the data for any other purposes and must always comply with our Privacy Policy. If you would like to see a full list of OneAffiniti’s service providers and data processors, they can be found here.

What happens in the event of a data breach?

OneAffiniti has a data breach response plan and incident response procedure in place. As part of our planned response, we work quickly to notify and assist any clients who have been affected by a data breach of our systems. We ask you to immediately notify us if you become aware of a breach through any of your employees.

What should I do if I receive privacy related requests from employees?

If you receive any privacy or spam related questions about our service from your employees (or relevant regulators), please contact our Privacy Officer at privacy@oneaffiniti.com.

Will I be breaching any privacy laws by participating in the program?

The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) does not apply to the information of your current employees and does not prohibit you sharing your employee’s company-owned email addresses with service providers. However, your company may have internal policies that govern what employee information you may share with external service providers. Please check to make sure that you have followed any relevant internal approval process before you provide the email list to us.

Do I need employee consent to share my employee’s company issued email address?

You do not need consent under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) to share your employee’s company issued email address with us. This is because the privacy laws don’t apply to current employees. You should not share with us any of your employee’s personal email addresses, or the email addresses of your external contractors.

What obligations do I have under your T&Cs?

When you sign our terms and conditions you agree to:

  • Provide us with an accurate and up to date list of employee email addresses, and allow us to use the list to deliver marketing materials on your behalf;
  • Set up an account to access our services and appoint a primary contact to manage your relationship with us;
  • If a fee is payable, pay the subscriptions fees to us in advance (note that the current Employee Benefits Program is fully funded by Sponsors and therefore the program is free for our partner organisations);
  • Refrain from copying, altering, modifying, reproducing or distributing the materials unless it is expressly permitted under our agreement;
  • Allow us to use your business name, logo, trademark and testimonials for our promotion and marketing purposes without payment;
  • Keep confidential our information (including the terms of our agreement), and notify us if our confidential information is breached
  • Notify us immediately in the event of a potential or actual data breach or if any complaints or claims are received from any person, including any regulator, relating to information privacy;
  • Comply with all applicable privacy and spam laws.

Please note, this summary is only a short guide to your obligations. It has no legal affect and should not replace a thorough reading of the terms and conditions.

Will I be sending SPAM to my employees?

Messages that contain commercial content must meet certain requirements. If they do not, they are known as ‘spam’ and sending them is prohibited under the Spam Act 2003. The benefits marketing material to be sent to your employees is not spam because (a) your company will be identified as the sender of the message; (b) the message will have an unsubscribe mechanism; and (c) in accordance with your obligations under the Terms and Conditions, you will have obtained consent from your employees to receive the messages. Consent in this instance is implied through the existing employee / employer relationship under which your employee would reasonably expect to receive benefits and discount offers from their employer.  

What security measures does OneAffiniti have in place to protect data?

We have technical measures and organisational procedures in place to safeguard the security and confidentiality of personal information. Some of these include:
  • Network protection: Multiple layers of security controls protect access to and within our environment. We engage data security experts on a regular basis and leverage their expertise to protect our systems. 
  • Data encryption: We encrypt all data that goes between you, your subscribers and OneAffiniti using industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security).
  • Secure data centers: Our servers are located within enterprise-grade hosting facilities that employ robust physical security controls. OneAffiniti maintains data replicas and separate hosting environments to minimize the risk of data loss or outages. 
  • Internal policies and controls: We maintain data protection policies and IT security policies, as well as conducting regular audits of systems and controls.

This material is provided for your general information and is not intended to provide legal advice. To understand the full implications of participating in the Employee Purchase Program please consult with an independent legal adviser.

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